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Our experts are as focused and creative as your own employees

Our dedicated technology team consists of great experts, who are as focused and creative as your own employees! Many reasons can cause the impossibility to reach all of your business goals. Of course, the main one is the lack of a beneficial and optimal development capacity. However, do not worry, because you have two options to solve this issue – you can either hire some new employees, or you can rely on our extra dedicated team of experts. But why bothering with interviews and new responsibilities, when the arrangement of the support from our expert team is so easy? Besides, we are always available for short-term collaborations, in which new employee hiring isn’t just adequate. Last, but not least, we assure you that our professionals are quite talented, expeditious and customer-friendly, so you can really rely on them, when it comes to any kind of tasks, detailed projects or entire strategy arrangement. Reduce the time for finding most suitable experts for your company and count on our dedicated team!

In order to provide you with the best assistance ever, we carefully and attentively pick up the workers, who will form your personally assigned dedicated team. After a solid research of your goals, we will be ready to name you the best experts in the field, who can help you. Our experts are from both – Minneapolis and Bulgaria. Being focused to execute your tasks and projects as quick as possible, our fabulous development teams will provide you the best software applications and products for a longer-term technology challenge by all means!


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