Technology Managament

Application of contemporary technologies provids you both - online protection and business improvement

The successful and visible software project isn’t only about a first-class development of products, apps and mobile extensions. It takes much more to build up a long-lasting success on the market. Due to the fast technology sphere growth staying updated with the latest innovation is a must. And your business requires it, too. However, managing all these operations due to recent changes on the market is harsh and too annoying. Why don’t you rely on experts for this task instead?

We don’t just keep you up to date with the recent technology additions, but we stay one step ahead of them. This is the key element in our competency and it helps us observe the prospect and the progress of your business optimally and efficiently. Any product of yours requires upgrades and improvements in order to remain competitive and desirable on the market. And this is our main goal, when it comes to quick business prosperity deliver and maintenance of the leading positions on the field.


Our Technology Management Services

Deployment and Integration

There is a big chance for your current legacy system not to be an alternative for mobile integration. Many companies, investors and other business structures face this problem, but we have a solution for it, too. We are here to assist you in implementing and entirely new or a better system that will eventually serve for a more optimal, protective and manageable first-class infrastructure for both – your mobile apps and your web technologies.

Cloud Computing, Hosting and Deployment

Many businesses suffer from a lack of flexibility and high-quality performance, when they select not the most proper hosting service. Such a bad decision is an additional loss of money, too. Understanding this common problem and having a huge desire to minimize all of your extra expenses and worries, we have decided to provide you with great cloud and hosting services, as well. All of them are strongly recommended by our experts in the field. With them, you are guaranteed to arrange your business finances regardless what you prefer – more effective hosting alternative, site or within the public (a private is possible, too) cloud environments.


More Of Technology Management Services

Disaster Recovery and Continuity

All of your operations on daily, weekly, monthly or any other basis are always threatened by a great amount of system or service failures. It is very important for both – your image on the market and your business progress – to eliminate them all or at least to establish an optimal security system to minimize them. We are here to offer you a sophisticated disaster recovery strategy, as well as an effective continuity plan. Both will be entirely adjusted to your overall business strategy and future plans. With our great and 100% working support you can be sure that your business process impact might be entirely avoided or at least hugely reduced.

Performance, High Availability and Scalability

Keep in mind that it is very essential for both – mobile and web technologies – to correspond with the needs of your business plan and the requirements of your potential and current clients. Our expert team can guarantee you this by making a refinement of your SLA demands and by developing a key system and strategy architecture to plan and execute all of the strategies as parts of one giant machine.

Frameworks, Platforms and Engineering Evaluations

The effective performance hugely depends on the primary development of a strong foundation for your product portfolio and for your upcoming business solutions.

We build up this foundation by beginning with the estimation of your short or long-term business plans and goals. Then, we map them all according to the present technologies aiming to determine the best set of tools and IT stacks for you.

Code Evaluations

Count on us, when it comes to evaluating your current product platforms, sources, codes and data in accordable to the most profitable practices in case of technology or complexity. This procedure is very important for us, because it gives us a direction to fill all that gaps in your business strategy, as well as to make same key improvements, taking you on a higher rank position and enhancement of your product portfolio.

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