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We take pride in what we do. Our work process starts by first determining the clients business need and then designing and implementing it from the users perspective.



Firstly, we start with the initial phase in which we clarify as much as possible the scope of the project and we plan the resources that are necessary for its implementation. We conduct a thorough analysis about the human and technical aspects and we predict different outcomes and risks, which we subsequently seek to avoid. We aim to comply with all requirements of our clients so that the flow of our work is flawless.



Secondly, we spend time on creating the visual structure of the product that the client requires which is a crucial step in our work process. Only after had the client approved the visual structure we move to the next step. Thanks to our experience through the years we conduct excellent art work on different interactive media platforms. We perform a great deal of tests to ensure that the design of the product is perfect.



The next stage of the work process includes coding and programming where we concentrate the most since this is the core of our work. We use only the newest technologies for the client’s product and we guarantee high productivity and rapid execution time.


Testing and finilazing

The last two steps of our process include testing and finalizing the product. Testing the product on real devices is just as important part of our work as the previously mentioned steps and we do not spare time or efforts to do it. The final product has to function properly on all necessary devices so that we can present it to the client. Of course, our work includes information support and annual technical support after the finalization of the project. We remain available at all times in case  of any questions from our clients.

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