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The global mobile market has come to an extension that makes it quite difficult to distinguish a good app from a bad one. However, it is yet easy to determine an app from a first glance and put it into a particular category. The truth is that the two main classes of mobile applications today are linked to the mobile device they run on. To be more specific, there are in general two apps in the mobile world – iOS and Android applications.

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Android has been considered as the top mobile OS across the entire world. Statistics are clear and obvious. About 79% of all the sold smartphones are powered with the Google-styled Android operative system. Meanwhile, almost 50% of today`s smartphone users have a device that runs a particular version of Android.Both data refers to a research from 2013 year, so you can be 100% sure that the numbers today are even higher. Moreover – the popularity of the Android mobile OS has been growing more and more.

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The global application market is a huge challenge. It doesn’t just put you the initiative to be always on the top of the chart for best mobile or web app developers, but also require from you to consider the latest IT additions, innovations and updates. Choosing the most proper operating system for the app, for instance, might seem easy, but, as a matter of fact, it is a harsh task you need to with it wisely and boldly.

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It is well-known that the programming language PHP has managed to build a reputation for a universal developing code. Today, it has been considered as the top solution for numerous purposes and IT projects. However, our team strongly believes that the most significant thing about the beneficial nature of PHP is its brilliant performance and functionality. Though, to achieve them both, general standards and security should be taken under considerations seriously and precisely.

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It is clear that, when it comes to picking up the most suitable framework for a particular project, the abundance can play a tricky role. Today, there are numerous software frameworks that can be used in your application developing process. Moreover – the IT technology, being one of the most progressive and dynamically changing all the time – keeps it complex to make a final decision. The global market offers both – lots of absolutely new frameworks and dozens of old, but gold developing frameworks.

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How many languages do you speak? And how many development languages you can work with? Do you know how many spoken languages exist? And are you aware that development languages are also numerous…? The truth is that development languages are quite much. Of course, the comparison with the number of spoken languages is more like a metaphor. Though, the claim that there are lots of development languages is entirely corresponding to the truth.

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